L2 DOMESTIC – water heaters


A page for home owners and users of domestic water heaters. Here you will find information about our products for domestic applications.

OSO Hotwater AS is a family owned Norwegian manufacturer and is widely recognised as Europe’s leading supplier of stainless-steel hot water heaters. We supply hot water cylinders that cover most needs, with volumes ranging from 5 to 300 litres. At OSO Hotwater we pride ourselves on being a solutions-based manufacturer. We can offer a stable and secure hot water supply for everything from small apartments to large houses.
We have developed our product ranges with the aim to create the best quality, high performance energy-efficient hot water cylinders which are heated with either electrical energy or alternative energy sources, or a combination of both.

OSO Hotwater AS also manufactures market-leading indirect stainless steel hot water heaters. Ideal for heating from gas or bio boiler, or inverter-controlled heat pump. These products also have built-in electrical peak load elements, which can help increase tap water capacity and prevent bacterial growth. We are the most sustainable manufacturer in the heating industry. We take the environment seriously. One example is our award-winning ErP A-certified range of hot water cylinders – the only complete range of A-Rated cylinders on the market today with outstanding insulation properties reduce heat loss by up to 70%.