Optima – OGC

SPACE SAVING, a premium quality heat pump cylinder with a dedicated buffer tank in a single footprint halving the space required and a massive reduction in pipework.

COST SAVING, reduced installation cost compared to a separate cylinder and buffer tank installation. Reduced labour, cheaper than buying two tanks and less materials required.

TIME SAVING, reduced installation time due to a much simpler installation. Plus, all pipework brought to a single area with no additional pipework to link two tanks.

INCREASED EFFICIENCY, pre-heating the hot water cylinder through the buffer adds further load to the heat pump to keep COP high. Reduced pipework means less heat loss – pipework between buffer and cylinder if properly lagged (which it may not be) would not retain heat as well as the Optima – OGC which encapsulates both tanks within its foam lagging case

INCREASED COMFORT, a pre-heated hot water cylinder means the heat pump doesn’t have to switch into dedicated hot water mode for such a long time when hot water  is called  for via demand or timer. Because the dedicated hot water mode time is shorter, the property is deprived of space heating for a shorter time and the hot water achieves its desired temperature quicker

ADDITIONAL RENEWABLE INPUT, solar PV can be added to the on-board immersion heater. The Immersion heater position means you can heat 100% of the hot water tank if necessary. (from solar or mains)




Single footpint
Reduced pipework in cupboard
Pre-heating  the hot water cylinder through the buffer, keeping COP high
Stainless steel construction with 10 year warranty




Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 3.5 cm
SpecificationsUNITOGC300 – Optima
Product no.OSO8000287
Product nameOGC300
Diameter — ⌀mm595
Height - Hmm1755
Weight emptykg68
Technical/ErP information
Capacity 40CLN/A
Thermostat set pointCN/A
Heat loss-EN 12897watt45/20
Heat loss / 24 hrs - EN 12897kWh/dayN/A
AEC (energy consumption)kW/yearN/A
Energy efficiency%N/A
Tapping profile3XS–XXLN/A
Energy ratingA+–FA/A
Primary Heating PowerkWN/A
Primary coil sizeMinsN/A
Immersion Heating PowerN/A
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C CoilMinsN/A
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C upper elementMinsN/A
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C lower elementMinN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C coil 70%MinsN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C upper element 70MinsN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C lower element 70%MinsN/A