DELTA POWERCYL — DCF can deliver nearly double the flow rates (up to 5bar) of a standard cylinder with its 1” connections. DCF is an ideal choice for small hotels/ guesthouses with multiple showers/baths. a 1- 6 bar adjustable PRV valve and oversized expansion vessel are supplied as standard.

DCF is a perfect partner to the SUPERSTREAM system where mains flow rates are insufficient. DELTA series is the most efficient hot water cylinder available uitilising unique Vacuum Panel Insulation.

DELTA series is a part of the award-winning Delta Coil range, and through the incorporation of Vacuum Insulation Panels it can save enough energy to pay for the entire cylinder over its lifetime.

Delta powercyl can be controlled either via using a thermistor probe or its own digital thermostat with digital display of water temperature.

1” connections for high flow rates
Reduces heat loss by 400 kWh* / year with NANOPUR and VIP*

Helps housebuilders achieve SAP energy requirements
25 year warranty on the stainless steel tank
Smooth scale resistant coil
Delta has holiday and anti-legionalla functionality.



SpecificationsUNITDCF 250 - 3 kW / 1 × 230 V + HX 0,8 m²DFC 300 - 3 kW / 1 × 230 V + HX 0,8 m²DFC 380 - 3 kW / 1 × 230 V + HX 0,8 m²
Product no.OSO10 231 70010 231 80010 231 900
Product nameDCF 250DFC 300 DFC 380 ²
Diameter — ⌀mm595595595
Height - Hmm154017502225
Weight emptykg296342458
Technical/ErP information
Capacity 40CL412468595
Thermostat set pointC606060
Heat loss-EN 12897watt474970
Heat loss / 24 hrs - EN 12897kWh/day1,131,181,68
AEC (energy consumption)kW/yearN / AN / AN / A
Energy efficiency%N / AN / AN / A
Tapping profile3XS–XXLN / AN / AN / A
Energy ratingA+–FAAB
Primary Heating PowerkW16,616,516,5
Primary coil sizeMins0.80.80.8
Immersion Heating Power3Kw3Kw3Kw
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C CoilMins43,349,566,1
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C upper elementMinsN/AN/AN/A
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C lower elementMinN/AN/AN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C coil 70%Mins32,537,146,2
Recovery time ΔT 55°C upper element 70MinsN/AN/AN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C lower element 70%MinsN/AN/AN/A