Multipoint – W Electric Hot Water Heater

The Multipoint – W is an electrically heated, stainless steel, hot water heater. Multipoint hot water heater is suitable for bedsits and light commercial applications. The 30 and 50 litre units will fit into a standard kitchen base unit. Multipoint heats the water to 70 degrees via a 3 kW INCOTEC immersion heater producing 20% more hot water than competitor units of the same size by blending to 60 degrees through the tamperproof blending valve making the 50 and 80 litre units to be suitable for a single shower. Multipoint can be floor or wall mounted and is a compact and space saving unit.

Multipoint has low heat losses through us of NANOPUR insulation. Downsizing also saves space and improves the already low heat loss figure. Multipoint has a 10 year warranty and is supplied with full G3 fittings kit. 



Water delivery 60 degrees through tamper proof blender
The 20% extra usable water means the unit can be downsized
The unit will be smaller and take up less space
Stainless steel construction with 10 year warranty
4 sizes 30/50/80/100 litres
Wall or floor mounted
Suitable for light commercial applications
50 and 80 litre units are suitable for a single shower




Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 3.5 cm
SpecificationsUNITW 30 – Multipoint 3KwW 50 – Multipoint 3KwW 80 – Multipoint 3KwW100 – Multipoint 3Kw
Product no.OSO10800451108004521080045310800454
Product nameW30W50W80W100
Diameter — ⌀mm535535435435
Height - Hmm62278511051105
Weight emptykgN / A341341341
Technical/ErP information
Capacity 40CLN / A376376376
VolumeLN / A271271271
Thermostat set pointCN / A606060
Heat loss-EN 12897wattN / A848484
Heat loss / 24 hrs - EN 12897kWh/dayN / A2,022,022,02
AEC (energy consumption)kW/yearN / AN / AN / AN / A
Energy efficiency%N / AN / AN / AN / A
Tapping profile3XS–XXLN / AN / AN / AN / A
Energy ratingA+–FN / ACCC
Primary Heating PowerkWN / A171717
Primary coil sizeMinsN / A0.80.80.8
Immersion Heating Power3Kw3Kw3Kw3Kw
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C CoilMinsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C upper elementMinsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C lower elementMinN/AN/AN/AN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C coil 70%MinsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C upper element 70MinsN/AN/AN/AN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C lower element 70%MinsN/AN/AN/AN/A


OSO Hotwater product brochure UK
Manual  Multipoint – W