Water Calculator

What the calculators will do for you

It will tell you the following…
  • Cylinder size
  • Cylinder recovery time
  • It will give you answers in indirect or direct
  • It will give answers up to 1000 litres (or more if multiple 1000L units) so its suitable for domestic or commercial
  • It will tell you when the main is not big enough
  • If the main isn’t big enough it will size the accumulator(s) to supplement the main and make it work
  • It will give you the accumulator refill time (and if this is excessive it will inform you that you need extra accumulators)
  • It will tell you the size the main needs to be if you don’t want to use accumulators
  • It will tell you if you need a Charger pump with accumulators
  • It will tell you the hot water pipework size of the cylinder
  • The hot water pipework size will then guide you towards which cylinder or if multiple cylinders how to connect them (series/parallel etc)
Click on an image below to download calculator
Domestic and light Commercial Calculator
Communal Calculator