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Premium stainless-steel water heaters and hot water cylinders

OSO Hotwater AS is the industry benchmark, manufacturing a wide range of premium stainless-steel water heaters and hot water cylinders meeting almost any hot water demand. Whether your requirement is for a domestic water heater or central heating for your house or apartment, or if there is a need to supply a school; factory; sports arena; hospital, multi-occupancy development or a cruise ship. We deliver top quality water heaters with superior energy efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

Environmentally friendly production and operation
The Environment and sustainability are at the core of both OSO Hotwater company ethos, and the design of our comprehensive product range. Since the early 1970’s, (long before it became mainstream) OSO Hotwater took the environmental aspect of manufacturing seriously. Our state-of-the-art factory is carbon-neutral with net-zero pollution into the air, ground or water. Our production processes are clean and green, and our products are designed for minimal energy consumption, maximum lifespan and optimum recyclability.

OSO Hotwater AS is certified to several high-quality standards, such as ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (working environment). In addition, our products are designed and manufactured to the highest EN and EN/ISO standards.  All this adds up to OSO Hotwater being trusted not just as a manufacturer of industry-leading product quality, efficiency and durability, but one who is conscious of the importance of keeping the environment clean and healthy. Because we care for the World we live in.

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Join us on a journey through our factory, our world

OSO Hotwater manufactures innovative market-leading high efficiency stainless steel water heaters. Products for installation on floor or wall, or in airing cupboard etc. Direct electric heating. Unbeatable performance and lifespan economy.

Market leading top quality and high efficiency stainless steel water heaters prepared for heating with electric or/and from alternative energy sources such as gas or bio boiler, or inverter controlled heat pump. We supply the only ErP A-rated full range indirect water heaters on the market.

Market leading top quality and high efficiency stainless steel commercial water heaters up to 15 000 litres. Suiteble for serial connection. Prepared for heating with electric or alternative heat sources, or a combination. Installation kits are available, see ‘Spare parts and optional extras’.

We supply spare parts and optional extras for all OSO products. Using original spare parts and options ensures that the product quality and factory warranty is sustained. Contact your OSO representative for further information.