NANO can be fitted anywhere due to its modest size
NANO — N is ideal as a point of use unit. It fits easily under sink and is perfect for under-sink, kitchenettes or similar demands. NANO comes standard with a 3 kW ultra-grade INCOTEC immersion heater. The unit is ready for use after just 8 minutes, with a delivery of 75 L 40°C hot water / hour.

NANO can be fitted anywhere due to its modest size, and a wall bracket as well as safety/inlet valve is included.

Perfect for point-of-use installations or limited hot water needs
75 L 40°C / hour, fully charged after only 8 minutes
5 year warranty on the stainless steel pressure tank



Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 1 cm
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SpecificationsUNITN 5 – 2,8 kW / 1 × 230 V
Product no.OSO
Product nameN 5 – 2,8 kW / 1 × 230 V
Diameter — ⌀mm
Height - Hmm
Weight emptykg
Technical/ErP information
Capacity 40CL
Thermostat set pointC
Heat loss-EN 12897watt
Heat loss / 24 hrs - EN 12897kWh/day
AEC (energy consumption)kW/year
Energy efficiency%
Tapping profile3XS–XXL
Energy ratingA+–F
Primary Heating PowerkW
Primary coil sizeMins
Immersion Heating Power
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C CoilMins
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C upper elementMins
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C lower elementMin
Recovery time ΔT 55°C coil 70%Mins
Recovery time ΔT 55°C upper element 70Mins
Recovery time ΔT 55°C lower element 70%Mins