Maxi Marine- MM

Stainless steel hot water accumulator for consumable water

Maxi Marine – MM is ideal for heat accumulation in marine installations, for instance in a combined
system with other models in the Maxi Marine range (MME/MMCE/MMC), or directly from an external energy source. Maxi Marine has been optimized for the highly efficient TURBO MARINE SYSTEM with plate heat exchanger (optional capacity) and double sets of pumps for extra operational safety. With the TURBO MARINE SYSTEM, cold water is pumped from the bottom of the unit through the plate heat exchanger and choke valve, and charges the accumulator tank from the top. When consumption is low, the plate heat exchanger can be used directly, and when consumption is high, additional capacity is provided by the MM unit. The system provides instant hot water even after the unithas been emptied. Installation kits for cold water inlet with shut-off valve, hot water outlet with mixing valve, plate heat exchanger with pumps (TURBO MARINE SYSTEM) and custom-made piping for connecting multiple units fits directly onto the Maxi Marine series.
All configuration is available for customization.Inspection openings available on request


Technical data