OSO Hotwater logo

OSO Hotwater is launching new identity and web page

Hot water is an important part of health and well-being. OSO water heaters have provided comfort to millions of people in Europe since 1932. OSO Hotwater’s main focus has always been quality, energy saving and the environment. Through its new identity, OSO reinforces these features, but also its identity as a reliable and innovative manufacturer of world-class stainless steel water heaters.

OSO Hotwater is a well-known household brands and is known by making its mark on basements, bathrooms and kitchens for decades. «The industry is constantly evolving and so is OSO as a company. It thus felt completely natural that the company’s identity is being lifted to reflect where the company is today and where we see ourselves tomorrow», Says Roy Magnussen, CEO of OSO Hotwater. Since its inception in 1932, OSO Hotwater’s identity has undergone many changes and adapted to the times. What has been common to all is that the name “OSO” has been unshakable in all versions. This will be continued and reinforced in the new logo. «We know that OSO is a strong brand in Norway and Europe and is forever linked to concepts such as quality, environment and efficiency. We want our new identity to strengthen and sediment these qualities in consumers both domestically and abroad. We believe that the new logo will stand up well and will signal the values ​​we stand for», Says Sigurd Braathen, Product Manager and owner of OSO Hotwater.

The development of new websites has taken place in parallel with the development of a new identity. The purpose of a new network solution is to anchor the solution in a new identity and to provide better accessibility and an overview of OSO Hotwater’s products for the plumbing industry and consumers. The new web solution is part of OSO Hotwater’s plan to strengthen its digital presence. «We want to be present where our existing and potential customers are. We believe that an enhanced digital presence will be helpful for our customers, so that they can make the best choices, both in terms of quality, economy and environment, when choosing water heaters. We hope and believe that the new web solution will be a first step and a foundation for further development of online services», Says Roy Magnussen.