Direct Hot Water Cylinder – SUPER XPRESS VIP – SX Electric

The SUPER XPRESS VIP is an electrically heated direct hot water unvented cylinder that has a unique pre-plumbed patented design making the installation quick and efficient; with concealed cable routing, integral concealed expansion vessels and all the pipework connections on top of cylinder hidden under a lid. SX has a 25 year warranty. 

SX is insulated with award winning OSO Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) technology, ensuring reduced heat loss and energy consumption. SX has a lower SAP score than any other direct cylinder. In addition, the OSO SX has up to 20% higher hot water capacity than the competition, enabling a lower volume cylinder thus saving on both cost and energy usage. Downsizing also saves space and improves the already low heat loss figure, further helping with SAP/building regulations Part L compliance. 

SX provides mains pressure hot water to all showers and outlets without the need of a pump. 

SX VIP to 210 litres can share a footprint with a washing machine, using additional washing machine frame. 

SX VIP is factory fitted with a flow through expansion valve with minimum pipework to the vessels in accordance with the SX building and water regulations approval.

20% MORE HOT WATER than other cylinders enabling cylinder to be downsized
Fully  pre-plumbed and wired
Downsizing reduces heat loss figure
Integral expansion vessels
Labour saving up to 70%
Shortest cylinder system on the market
Unique patented design with a 25 year warranty
Fitting template provided
Pipes and cables hidden
Easy installation



*not 300 L .1 vessel on 120L

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 3.5 cm
SpecificationsUNITSX 120 - 3 kW / 1 × 240 V + VIPSX 150 - 3+3 kW / 1 × 240 V + VIPSX 180 - 3+3 kW / 1 × 240 V + VIPSX 210 - 3+3 kW / 1 × 240 V + VIPSX 250 - 3+3 kW / 1 × 240 V + VIPSX 300 - 3+3 kW / 1 × 240 V + VIP
Product no.OSO10 802 66110 802 66210 802 66310 802 66410 802 66510 802 666
Product nameSX 120 -  VIPSX 150 - VIPSX 180 - VIPSX 210 - VIPSX 250 -  VIPSX 300 -  VIP
Diameter — ⌀mm580580580580580580
Height - Hmm87010501160130015501750
Weight emptykg273135394451
Technical/ErP information
Capacity 40CL162254304323386463
Thermostat set pointC657070707070
Heat loss-EN 12897watt404751566268
Heat loss / 24 hrs - EN 12897kWh/day0,961,131,231,341,481,63
AEC (energy consumption)kW/year275244534499443445074490
Energy efficiency%37.237.637.237.837.237.3
Energy ratingA+–FCDDDDD
Primary Heating PowerkWN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Primary coil sizeMins0.
Immersion Heating Power3K/w3K/w+3Kw3K/w+3Kw3K/w+3Kw3K/w+3Kw3K/w+3Kw
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C CoilMinsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C upper elementMinsN/A174101,0135,0132,0132,0
Heat-up time ΔT 55°C lower elementMin130,0174,0201,0235,0297347
Recovery time ΔT 55°C coil 70%MinsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Recovery time ΔT 55°C upper element 70MinsN/A52,071,095,092,092,0
Recovery time ΔT 55°C lower element 70%Mins91,0121,0141,0165,0208243