L2 Product certifications

Product certifications

OSO products are certified to relevant standards according to model and type.

OSO spends more resources on ensuring that our products surpass safety and performance requirements than what is set out in The Building Regulations and Standards. Stress and performance tests on all products and components ensure the integrity and estimated life of the product. In-depth quality control (IQC) is carried out on all critical components, and continuous quality control and control measurements are made in the production process (PQC). Pressure tests with 1.5 x design pressure, electrical final control and testing (OQC) are performed on all products. The end result is the well-known OSO quality, which has shown outstanding life expectancy for less than 50 years.

For additional security for the user, our products have a number of certifications (depending on model):
• CE marking – Product compliance (performed by the manufacturer) to European standards
• EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility
• LVD: Low Voltage Directive
• PED: Pressure Equipment Directive
• RoHS: Restriction of Hazardous Substances
• REACH: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals
• NEMKO labeling Product compliance with European safety and EMC standards
• WRAS labeling Product compliance with UK water regulation and safety standards
• AHRI labeling Power assessment of AC, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute standards
• ETL labeling Product Compliance with North American Security Standards
• CSA labeling Product Compliance with Canadian Electrical Code

Marine and industrial products:

For Declaration of Conformity, contact your local sales representative.