L2 INSTALLER – commercial products & equipment


Information for installers of commercial hot water systems.

OSO Hotwater AS is a family-owned manufacturer and is Europe’s leading supplier of stainless-steel water heaters. Our mission has always been to design and manufacture products of the highest quality that installers and homeowners alike can trust.
With a comprehensive range of cylinders, both Direct (electric) and Indirect (Gas and renewables) manufactured we cover most needs, with volumes from 5 to 300 litres. We don’t just design cylinders to the highest standards, we make them quicker and easier to install. Our products truly are installer friendly. Our products are high-performance and energy-efficient and space-saving. Our cylinders have the capacity to heating and/or hot water for everything from point-of-use to apartments and large houses with multiple bathrooms.

OSO Hotwater manufactures commercial cylinders from 400 – 15,000 litres. These class-leading cyliders (also known as calorifiers) have multiple uses from large homes to schools and hospitals to maring and offshore requirements.

Whether you are looking for Direct electric or a cylinder compatible with an external heat source the stainless-steel OSO commercial range is truly comprehensive with a choice of units that work with plate heat exchangers or heating coil, solar panels or heat pumps.
As well as offering a large range of high quality commercial cylinders, we have also incorporated the latest in insulation technology to improve upon their already excellent energy-efficiency.

OSO Hotwater AS supplies spare parts for all OSO products, and offers custom mounting kits and optional equipment for OSO hot water heaters and industrial heaters. With these kits, our customers can ensure the design of the development meets the demand and help in future maintenance.
We offer cold water kits, mixing valves, equipment for hot water circulation, expansion vessels, pressure reducing valves and much more. Our consultants are always ready to assist our clients.