Awards & Achievements

We present information about company achievements throughout our history.

Awards & Accolades


Pioneering work in product development and continuing efforts to do the best for people and environment have resulted in a number of environmental awards and recognitions. Of particular importance has been the National Honorary Award “Glassbjørnen” (the Glass Bear) for unique environment efforts through 30 years, the “SCANVAC” award for the Best Environmental Company in Scandinavia and the “Best environment and Energy Efficiency product” for introducing foam insulated storage tanks. The accolades inspires us to further develop our vision of environmental protection.

– 1932 The Welding Award – National Technology Companies’ Union
– 1968 The Business Prize – Buskerud County Council
– 1989 Work Environment Award – The Center for Work Environment
– 1989 The Welding Award – Norwegian Welding Technical Union
– 1990 Product Award – Olympia exhibition in London
– 1993 Internal Control certificate no 1 – National Institute of Technology
– 1994 Best Export Company – Buskerud Industry Union
– 1995 SCANVAC Award – Best Environmental Company in Scandinavia
– 1995 SOFUS Award – The Bisycling Association
– 1996 Best Environmental House – National Building Association
– 1997 Norway’s first EMAS environmental certificate
– 1998 Best environment report – GRIP w/ The Agency for Environmental Protection
– 2004 Energy and Environmental Technology Award – Perfect Buildings Association
– 2005 Environmental Honorary Award “Glassbjørnen” – GRIP w/ The Agency for Environmental Protection
– 2006 Logistical Award – The Norwegian Business School
– 2011 Best Environmental Company in the Industry – Varme & Bad HVAC company
– 2015 Best Environmental Company in the Industry – Varme & Bad HVAC company
– 2018 H&V News Award UK – Best new product on the market

Innovation timeline


OSO Hotwater AS was founded in 1932, and has since come up with a long line of inventions and innovations which has brought the humble water heater forwards toward higher quality and improved functionality for both the end user and the installer. OSO has been the driving force in developing the modern water heater as we know it today, and as a consequence has become the benchmark standard for the industry. Below you will find a list of our major innovations:

● 1932 Norway’s first autogenous welded storage tank is produced at Oslo Svesiebedrift.
● 1935 Welded cooking pots and wood boilers complements the range of products.
● 1938 Development of wood-burning boilers which provides both heat and hot-water.
● 1941 Production of potato collector cogs and planting equipment during the war.
● 1945 Production of copper-lined storage tanks 200 – 50,000 litres resumes.
● 1955 Provision storage tanks tripled the capacity while only taken half the space.
● 1957 “TRIPLEX” and “COMPACT” heating units for oil and wood/electrical units.
● 1959 “NORTHERM” integrated heating unit and storage tanks is launched.
● 1968 The “SAFE” system with its triple-valve and surface mounted thermostat is introduced.
● 1968 First in the world to produce stainless steel storage tanks which increases lifespan.
● 1979 The “SUNSAVER” solar-heated storage tanks are launched.
● 1980 Top-mounted mixing valves becomes standard, resulting in huge resource savings.
● 1984 The tank-in-tank unit “PROGESSS” water heater line is introduced for heat pumps.
● 1985 The “TURBO” system with plate exchanger revolutionises heat-up times.
● 1988 The “EXPRESS” storage tanks with flip/flop thermostat heats water 3 times faster.
● 1989 OSO invented the bubble top unvented cylinder , revolutionising the UK industry
● 1993 The “UNIVERSAL” electric boilers 15-45 kW without contactors makes installation easier.
● 1994 “THERMO TOP” reduces heat loss from standard storage tanks by 20%.
● 1999 The “MAXI” large storage tanks 500-1000 liters becomes industry standard.
● 2001 The warranty is doubled on the stainless steel pressure tank.
● 2004 The standard “ECO FOAM” insulation saves more than 500 million kWh over 10 years.
● 2007 “ENERGY SAVER” for grey water reuse results in huge Energy Efficiency savings.
● 2008 The “OPTIMA” line triples the capacity and increases the efficiency for heat pumps.
●2009 – OSO UK introduce Super S with patented “all on top” design, maximising space and installation efficiency
● 2010 “EXPANSION” is introduced with a fully integrated expansion solution.
● 2012 “OPTIMA TRIPLE COIL” is the industry’s most advanced heating central.
● 2015 The “DELTA” series receives rating “A” from ErP – best in class.
● 2015 – Delta pioneers the use of Vacuum Insulation Panels to further reduce heat loss (this needs to go above the other 2015 entry about A rating)
● 2017 “NANOPUR” insulation and VACUUM panels saves 200 million kWh over 10 years.

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